A Strong Identity for a Clear Vision

Our mission

To value the crucial presence of arts and culture in the personal and social life of
the population of the Lake Massawippi Basin and to develop bridges between
artists and the population, in a spirit of inclusion and cultural mediation aiming at
citizen participation and the cultural development of communities.

This mission is based on the conviction of the important place due to arts and
culture and proposes a response to the needs of the human being, and of humanity
in general, in an evolved and evolving society. This place takes shape through
alliances, groupings, consultation, but above all, through concrete actions that
must be taken to counter the trivialization, that is to say the fact that the human
being is often put aside.


Our vision

Arts-Cultures Massawippi is an inclusive grouping of artists from diverse
disciplines, backgrounds and cultures, as well as individuals who recognize the
importance of art and culture, but do not identify themselves as artists, and groups,
organizations and businesses working in arts and culture.



Create a win-win partnership, with the common goal of :

• To promote and share the value of culture and the arts and its positive
effects with the population,

• To coordinate and develop the participation and accessibility of citizens to
cultural and artistic activities in the communities, mainly in the municipalities
surrounding Lake Massawippi;

• Stimulate interest in existing events and those to be created; to develop
activities allowing artists, musicians, comedians, painters, sculptors, etc. to
meet and interact with other people from the said communities;

• To support, organize, produce and disseminate artistic and cultural
activities in the communities; to establish alliances with other organizations
working in arts and culture;

• To allow people residing outside the municipalities concerned to participate
in the activities, development and to contribute to the outreach and
achievement of the objectives of the organization.