Membership Benefits

The advantages of being an ART-LIÉ member of Arts-Cultures Massawippi


You are a stakeholder in the development of arts and culture by supporting our actions, which aim to offer a variety of opportunities to attend and participate in quality activities with citizens and artists in friendly environments and human-scale venues, where encounters with the arts and cultures between artists and citizens are encouraged.


Our inclusive approach is not limited to the people of the Vallée de Massawippi, all are welcome, even if our activities always begin in a village near Lake Massawippi which offers an exceptional environment.


You’re part of a great network, as we’re a member of the Conseil Culture Estrie and have links with ‘Les correspondances d’Eastman’, ‘le Festival international de littérature’ and ‘le Centre communautaire de Waterville’, among others.


The commitment, participation and volunteer work of our members, who get involved according to their affinities and availability, are essential to our operation and success.

You can simply be a member and enjoy the benefits, or take part in the development and realization of projects with the artists in one of the theater, storytelling, literature, music, singing or visual arts teams, or the logistics and organization team.


We always respect your availability, unhindered from long engagement.

In all cases, your participation can range from hosting an activity for an hour to taking charge of a logistical aspect (coordination, writing, sponsorship search, supervising activities with children, publishing on our Facebook page, reporting – editing on an event, decor, secretarial work from time to time…).


Benefits reserved for ART-LIÉ members


  • You’ll be the first to know about scheduled activities (as places are limited, this is a much-appreciated advantage)
  • Discounts on activities and priority registration
  • The lovely Auberge la Raveaudière in North Hatley offers you a 15% discount on your reservations
  • Les Appalaches bookstore in Sherbrooke offers a 10% discount;
  • North Hatley’s Auberge La Chocolatière will give you a 10% discount on your lunch and dinner plates
  • North Hatley’s friendly Le Mercantile restaurant offers a 10% to 15% discount on their menu when you participate in workshops and certain events
  • And that’s just for starters…


You can also simply make a donation and/or become an ART-IN member, which allows you to stay informed by receiving our newsletter. The form allows all these options.



Nos partenaires

• Les municipalités du lac Massawippi: Canton de Hatley, Hatley, North Hatley
• Le Pub de la Cie Vilandré
• Matériaux de construction Létourneau Inc. (Waterville)
• Pragma
• L’auberge La Raveaudière
• La Marina de North-Hatley
• Le Café Folie d’Ayer’s Cliff
• La Librairie Appalaches de Sherbrooke
• Les suites North-Hatley

La cie Vilandré