Contest / Exhibition / Photo and Correspondence Workshop


A Photo Contest Open to All !

Enter using your phone or camera

Submit your photos representing a meaningful regional theme


Exhibition of Winning Photos

Starting September 25, all winning photos will be presented to the public and exhibited for one month.


Photo and Correspondence Workshop

Learn how to create greeting cards using your own photos and personal messages, under the watchful eye of an expert!


WIN: $1,500 in prizes + a quality reproduction + participation in the exhibition with the pros

Three prizes per participant category:
youth (under 18) – adults (18 to 55) – seniors (55 and over)

3< 1st prize of $250 each
3< 2nd prize of $150 each
3< 3rd prize of $100 each

Each participant must submit 1 to 3 photos
+ a few lines of explanation and a selfie
+ an registration form

Choose a meaningful subject to highlight your sense of belonging to the region.

Nature: viewpoint, detail, landscape, significant feature for you and for the Valley, e.g. deer, birds, people (with permission) on bikes, out walking, etc.
Location: park, sliding hill, terrain, mountain
Building: library, Piggery Theatre, church
Object in context: bench, gazebo, canoe, docked windsurfer, fishing line

ENTRY DEADLINE: August 25, 2024

REGISTER by filling out the form (‘CONTEST ENTRY’ button above)
Cost: $13 non-members, $10 ART-Lié 2024-25 members, $7 under 18
SEND YOUR PHOTOS, identifying your name and age group, to

Winners will be contacted the week before the exhibition, the week of September 16. GOOD LUCK!

The jury is made up of three photo professionals:
Karl F. Ehrlich, Évangéline LeBlanc and Yves Tremblay

The launch will take place on September 25, 2024, at Pub Vilandré to present the 9 winners, in the presence of guests of honour, media, ACM members and participants’ families and friends.
A discussion will allow the winners to explain their works and the jury members to justify their choices.
The exhibition closes on October 26, 2024.



WORKSHOP : Let Your Photos Do the Talking

Photo and correspondence workshop, led by artist-photographer and poet Évangéline LeBlanc

Would you like to transform your creativity as a photographer or writer into a work of art that blends everything together freely? This workshop is for you!

During this activity, you’ll be able to create special, one-of-a-kind cards signed by you, featuring your photos and a short inspirational text, and then send them to someone important to you, or simply create a card for the future.

Starting with your choice of 3 to 4 meaningful photos, you’ll discover original ways of using them and making them speak for themselves. These photos can be taken with a phone or camera and printed on a maximum paper size of 4 x 6 inches. They will be used to inspire a short text to crystallize your memories or for a possible correspondence.

Throughout the workshop, Évangéline will help you – through exercises – to write your texts. She’ll guide you in dressing, coloring and wrapping your photos and texts with different materials.

In the form of playful, colorful crafts, you’ll be able to express the impulses of your heart with different materials (paper). If desired, your final project – in a sealed, stamped envelope – can be sent by post.

ACM will provide the materials, e.g. cards, drawing materials, colored pencils, different types of paper. If you wish to create on a larger format or paper of your choice, feel free to bring your own materials.

Date: Sunday, August 11 2 to 4 p.m.
Location: Public Farmers’ market, North Hatley
Materials provided by ACM
Material to be supplied by participants: 3 to 4 printed photos in 4 x 6 inch format
Cost: $10 non-members, $7 ART-Lié 2024-25 members