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Shows, encounters, workshops, exchanges, … for audiences of all ages, with many talented artists, in a warm, friendly and accessible context.

Arts-Cultures Massawippi is theater, literature-shows, storytelling for adults, poetry, singing, music, visual arts, film-video and dance by artists and for the citizens of the Lake Massawippi Valley and the region.

Arts-Cultures Massawippi is art and culture lived differently.



NEW ! : Intimate 3 for 1 Evenings (in French only)

(May 18 2024)

SOLD OUT for the “Dinner, Exchange and Show” option
SOME SEATS AVAILABLE for the “Show only” option

Evenings that bring together the arts, artists and citizens to create a community of spirit and joy.

We’ll have the pleasure of enjoying a fine 4-course bring-your-own-wine dinner by renowned Chef Pierre Nief in the cozy dining room of Auberge La Raveaudière. We’ll meet new people as we exchange ideas over dinner on the theme “conviviality” chosen by guest artist Robert Lalonde. The evening concludes with a storytelling performance for adults, followed by a short chat with storyteller Petronella Van Dijk.

  • Saturday May 18 2024
  • L’auberge La Raveaudière (11 Chemin Hatley Ctre, North Hatley)
  • Dinner, exchange and show
    • 12 guests
    • Dinner starts at 6 p.m. followed by the show at 8 p.m.
    • 130 $ non-member, 120 $ ART-Lié member 2024-2025
  • Show only
    • 13 people
    • Show starts at 8 p.m.
    • 35 $ non-member, 25 $ ART-Lié member 2024-2025

Your friends, spouse are welcome!

Please note that priority will be given to our members.

We look forward to seeing you in this convivial setting, which promises many shared pleasures!

Robert Lalonde
Robert Lalonde | Photographie © Julien Faugère
Petronella Van Dijk | Photographie © Denis Machon

Creative Writing Workshop Phase II: ÉLAN! (in French only)

June 8-15-22-29 2024 (4 Saturdays Option)
September 28-29 2024 (Weekend Option)

Open to everyone, regardless of writing experience.

These new workshops are particularly aimed at those who have already taken Jonathan Harnois‘ basic workshop. Anyone can also start with these workshops, as they are different and complementary, but independent of each other.

Each workshop lets you explore a new area of creative writing.

A text comes to life through the quality of the details that make it up. An opportunity to explore the magic hidden in the details of everyday life!

Words have value: by discovering their potential, their scope, their flavour, their music, we explore the realm of subjectivity that is attached to language.

Mimetic writing has a paradoxical power. Unlike parody and plagiarism, the practice of pastiche has the effect of giving even greater tone and authenticity to one’s personal style.

Through a multi-sensory journey, immersion in a world of sounds, olfactory and visual stimuli, the body takes center stage in the creative space. Through imagination and spontaneity, the blank page is gradually transformed into an exhilarating playground.

The workshop master works a lot on the state of mind. Above all, he encourages us to get out of performance mode. There are no good or bad students. Everyone uses the exercises in their own way. 

Dates: June 8-15-22-29, 2024 from 2 to 5 p.m.
Venue: The Mercantile restaurant (adjacent room), North Hatley
Cost: $260 non-member, $245 member ART-Lié 2024-25


Date: Saturday, September 28 and Sunday, September 29 2024 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Auberge La Raveaudière, North Hatley
Cost: $260 non-member, $245 ART-Lié member 2024-25 (workshops only)
Cost: $320 non-member, $305 membre ART-Lié 2024-25 (includes workshops AND 2 lunches)
In-residence (1 overnight stay): includes workshops, 1 breakfast, 2 lunches and one night’s accommodation (Saturday) with the possibility of extending the stay, before or after, at a reduced rate for members – places are limited.
Cost: $510 non-member, $495 ART-Lié 2024-25 member
In-residence (2 overnight stays): includes workshops, 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 night’s accommodation (Friday and Saturday) with the possibility of extending the stay, before or after, at a reduced rate for members – places are limited.
Cost: $665 non-member, $650 ART-Lié 2024-25 member


Venue: Auberge La Raveaudière, North Hatley
Dinner-exchange-show: including a 4-course dinner (bring your own wine), artist exchange during dinner and storytelling show with colourful storyteller Nicolas Landry, a native of the Magdalen Islands who weaves the stories and words of local elders into his tales.
Date: Saturday, September 28, 2024 at 6 p.m.
Cost: $130 non-member, $120 member ART-Lié 2024-25
Show only
: Saturday, September 28, 2024 at 8 p.m.
Cost: $35 non-member, $25 ART-Lié member 2024-25

Your friends and spouses are welcome!

Interested? Fill in the appropriate registration form(s) below

Jonathan Harnois |Photographie © François Couture

Masterclass : Development (in French only)

(February 11, March 10, April 7, May 12, and June 9 2024 – SOLD OUT!)

NEW DATES: July 7 and 28, August 18, September 8 and 29 2024 (registrations open)

Take advantage of renowned author and remarkable actor Robert Lalonde, who has won numerous awards in both fields! 

Trainer specialized in creative writing for over 30 years.

Your project is clear but you just can’t get started.
You’ve written, but you’re not making any progress.
You’ve completed your project but don’t know what to make of it.
You’re isolated and have no perspective on your work.
You have several questions related to your writing work.
You’re experiencing the impostor symptom, which makes you hesitate.

This workshop is designed to enable you to refine and/or develop your project by taking advantage of the training sessions, the analysis and observations of the workshop master, the work periods between sessions and the synergy between all the participants.

The workshop master’s approach, advice, exercises, personalized feedback, thoughts and ideas, combined with the complicity and conviviality of a small group, not only help us perfect various aspects of literary writing, but above all, as the participants put it, “equip us, give us a boost and invaluable creative autonomy, and help us move forward in a way that exceeds our expectations”.

  • 22.5 hours divided into 4.5-hour sessions 
  • 5 Sundays, from 1pm to 5:30pm 
  • Dates: July 7 and 28, August 18, September 8 and 29 2024
  • Venue: Pub de la Cie Vilandré, North Hatley
  • Costs: $600 non-member /$570ACM member
  • 10 participants
  • Admission requirements: a letter of intent + excerpt from your project or already written (1 to 5 pages) must be submitted in advance by email to with the name of the workshop in the subject line, for the selection of participants.
    We will confirm your participation by e-mail before the end of February, at which time you will be able to register.

Watch video “5 minutes avec Robert Lalonde” >

Watch video “Robert Lalonde / La reconstruction du paradis – Claudia à la page”

Watch video « Atelier d’écriture avec Robert Lalonde / Pour qui, pour quoi? »

Watch video « Atelier d’écriture avec Robert Lalonde / Le formateur »

Watch video « Atelier d’écriture avec Robert Lalonde / L’atelier: quoi et comment? »

Watch video « Atelier d’écriture avec Robert Lalonde / Évaluation des participants »

Robert Lalonde
Robert Lalonde | Photographie © Julien Faugère

Masterclass : Exploration (in French only)

SOLD OUT! : May 17-18-19 2024

NEW DATES! : November 1-2-3 2024 (send a letter of intent now)

Take advantage of renowned author and remarkable actor Robert Lalonde, who has won numerous awards in both fields! 

Trainer specialized in creative writing for over 30 years.

I was looking for someone with experience and the ability to guide beginners. Without the workshop, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere.Fabrice Lebrun
Robert is disarmingly authentic, absolutely generous and benevolent. His openness also opens us up.”  Isabelle Gaulin
The spectrum that Mr. Lalonde can cover is very broad: poetry, novels, notebooks… Bernard Paquet
I hesitated a lot. I was intimidated. I didn’t really have a project. What touches me most about Robert is the quality of his heart…with all he’s done, all this erudition and yet he’s unvarnished, simple in his approach…!Chantal Lamothe
I’m a layman, I write for a living, but I’d just started a novel and I had a lot of worries. These exercises helped us a lot. He listens, he responds, he’s very relevant.Johanne Loranger
He doesn’t judge who we are, or our work, but our process in an empathetic and absolutely generous way.Fabienne Elliott

From draft, to idea, to intention to write, to turning your idea into reality! You’ve been wanting to write for a long time, but you haven’t acted on it.
You like to write, you’ve got ideas but they’re still too vague, you’ve promised yourself you’ll do it more seriously, you’ve got a first draft, but…?
You’d like to dare, to unblock, to get started, to move on to the next stage. This workshop is for you.

Exercises, on-the-spot writing, advice, suggested reading, sharing.

Development and deepening of draft texts or an idea in progress.

  • An intensive weekend: 15 hours session
  • Date: November 1-2-3 2024
    • Friday evening, 7pm to 9pm
    • Saturday: 8am to 12pm, 1pm to 4pm 
    • Sunday: 9:30am to 12:30pm, 1:30pm to 5pm
  • 10 participants  
  • Venue: Auberge La Raveaudière, North Hatley
  • Admission requirements: a letter of intent + a short text if desired must be submitted by e-mail to with the name of the workshop in the subject line, for the selection of participants.
    We will confirm your participation by e-mail before the end of February, at which time you will be able to register.
  • Price for complete training including 2 à la carte dinners: $435 non-member $405 ART-Lié 2024-25 Member
  • Add 2 nights with breakfast at Auberge La Raveaudière for $280 (taxes included) exceptional price
Robert Lalonde
Robert Lalonde | Photographie © Julien Faugère
Auberge la Raveaudière, North Hatley


Christmas with a Twist: Full House!!!

It was party time last Saturday at the Hatley Community Centre! On this snowy December 9, the hall was filled to capacity with a crowd that had come to see and hear the young talents of Les Enfants de la terre and the magnificent voices of the group Les Sangs Mêlés.

And what a show it was! A festive atmosphere won the hearts of all, to everyone’s delight!

The 18 students of the 7th grade class at Les Enfants de la terre delivered a solid performance under the direction of Nicholas William and Nathalie Caron. Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, the choir and musicians charmed the audience with their voices and impressive stage presence.

As always, the Sangs Mêlés group delighted the audience with their renditions of classic songs and Christmas carols from faraway lands. After performing the last piece, including those who had taken part in the singing workshop, they were generous enough to offer an encore and answer questions from an enthralled audience.

Then we all enjoyed a glass of excellent Domaine de Bergeville wine, a slice of succulent pizza from the Mercantile restaurant, a chair massage from the friendly owners of Osez relaxer, and numerous prizes drawn by children to the delight of the 21 winners.

Arts-Cultures Massawippi‘s mission has been fully realized, enabling citizens of all ages to enjoy together the traditions and languages of the most diverse peoples and cultures. All to the delight and amazement of all.

Artists and citizens alike went home in high spirits!

Christmas carols and songs of the world

A show « chaud » that delivers! 

The audience was numerous and excited. Despite the chilly weather on Saturday November 25, the room quickly warmed up to the first steps of the fabulous duo of internationally renowned dancers, Faye and Bryant Lopez from the group TANGO SOUL.

A few spectators were transformed into dancers for a MILONGA where young and old twirled to the music. For a moment, we discovered the impressive tango talent of some, or simply the joy of dancing for others.

That was just the beginning. Soon, the talented multi-instrumentalists of the SON NAGUAL group took to the stage, transporting the audience with their frenzied tunes. After a performance by students from the percussion workshop, we moved on to music from faraway lands, always resonating with the public. It’s virtually impossible to stay seated; everyone dances to the festive music!

The guests left delighted and in high spirits, some on their way to the cosy Mercantile restaurant to take advantage of the dinner deal offered by the owners and round off this warm day in style!

The Songs of the World Concert – A Packed House!

Les SANGS MÊLÉS gave a concert full of light and softness last Sunday in North Hatley’s pretty little Saint Barnabas church. On a gray and rainy day, over 120 people turned out to enjoy the show presented by ARTS CULTURES MASSAWIPPI.

Through some twenty songs, performed in as many different languages, the SANGS MÊLÉS offered an amazed audience a fabulous tour of the planet, with stops on almost every continent. From joy to sadness, from love to regret, from sun to rain, the songs sketched out a polyphonic arabesque linking the natives of North America with the peoples of Cuba, Chile and Argentina, the Africans of Ghana and the Ivory Coast, Europeans from Sardinia, Spain and Occitania (France), Scandinavians from Sweden and Finland, not forgetting the inhabitants of Ukraine, Georgia and Mongolia, ending with a leap to Australia and a song from Quebec folklore!

The magnificent voices of Nathalie, Cécile, Marie-Chantal, Sangi and Christine, accompanied by Martine on percussion, and on occasion by Alex (guitar and mountain horn) and Cécile on violin, entwine and respond to each other with a succession of rhythmic tunes, sometimes joyful, sometimes languid, that are good for the soul and exude peace and gentleness.

In the discussion that followed the concert, several members of the audience reflected on the emotion of this shared moment and the pleasure derived from the incredible harmony of voices and instruments, with some even confessing to having wept with happiness: “You touched the soul!”, “I still have tears on my face; you carried me through each culture without my understanding the words. Just the sound of your voices, it’s magic!”

Shortly before the concert, a singing workshop was held to initiate female participants, who then sang an encore  with the group. After the draw for participation prizes, the Anglican Church provided wine, cheese and pâtés to extend their warm welcome.

This ARTS CULTURES MASSAWIPPI show, of exceptional quality, was a great success both in terms of participation and the enthusiastic response of the audience, an indication of the unsuspected – and too little-known – virtuosity of the SANGS MÊLÉS musicians.

By Armande Saint-Jean, Ph.D., journalist and retired professor

Les Sangs Mêlés - Église St-Barnabas, North Hatley

The Choir of Colors Concert – The Colors of Music!

As soon as the choir voices rise in unison, the little church lights up. Through the stained-glass windows on either side of the building, the blazing lights of autumn seep in to join the harmonies unfolding inside. All the senses are suddenly immersed in a magical, timeless universe.

Under the musical direction of Lise Garner, the Ensemble Vocal Massawippi offered this unique concert on Saturday, September 23, at North Hatley’s  Sainte-Élisabeth Church, to an audience of over a hundred.  For the occasion, the choir brought together over forty male and female singers covering all registers. Their voices blended, vibrated and twirled, supported by talented artists: five musicians on violin, cello, double bass and oboe, and pianist Francine Leng.  

Through a rainbow of selected melodies, a whole range of emotions unfolds, matching the colors of the season: from glorious yellow to tender pink, from the bright red of passion to the violet of spirituality, via the blue of serenity and the green of hope. Hymns to the beauty of creation by Mozart, Handel and Saint-Saëns are followed by songs that are at times bewitching, at other times enthusiastic and dynamic, by Whitacre, Arnese, Rutter Hirsch and Morricone.

The concert ended on a high note with Dansent les arbres, an original Estrie work composed for the EVM by Jean-Charles Côté, with lyrics by Jean Brodeur, to pay tribute to the living beauty of Lake Massawippi and the trees that frame it, and to highlight the presence of the Abenaki people. For the performance of this original piece, the audience was joined by a dozen people of all ages, who had previously taken part in the choral singing workshop offered prior to the concert. 

This concert is one of the musical activities offered by ARTS-CULTURES MASSAWIPPI this season.

Text : Armande Saint-Jean, Ph.D., retired journalist

Ensemble Vocal Massawippi - Église Sainte-Élisabeth, North Hatley


L’ART EN JEU – An exhibition that delighted visitors!

Throughout the summer, the brightly lit rooms upstairs at the Cie Vilandré Pub on Capelton Road in North Hatley were alive with the shapes, colors, canvases and sculptures of some 15 highly talented and experienced local artists.

Under the sign of diversity and collegiality, the first exhibition, in June and July, featured painters such as Yvan Dagenais, Michèle Anne Brosseau and Margrethe Ulvik, sculptors such as Natalie Sanche, Pauline Jacques and Côme Lamontagne, illustrator Pascal Biet and multidisciplinary artist Line Fafard, to whom were added for the second exhibition, in August and September, painters Irénée Belley, Janick Ericksen, Kevin Whitaker, Caroline George, Suzanne Ferland, Pierre Laviolette, Chantal Deslandes, Lyse St-Michel and Rolande L’Écuyer.

The public was able to admire, discover or revisit works of all kinds, free of charge: impressionist or figurative paintings, naturalistic or modernist sculptures, sketches or drawings. From the comments left in the visitors’ book, visitors loved the diversity, modernity and quality of the works, and the accessibility of such an exhibition. And they want more!

On the fun side, a riddle competition was organized to help visitors decipher the works on display and deepen their knowledge. These riddles were a particular hit with the children who visited the exhibition. In all, almost fifty people took part in the game.

Two launches marked the opening of each phase of the exhibition, in June and August, each time bringing together numerous political and artistic personalities, as well as volunteers and members of ARTS-CULTURES MASSAWIPPI. These warm and convivial social gatherings are much appreciated opportunities for exchange. Both events were so popular that ARTS-CULTURES MASSAWIPPI was obliged to sell out.

The Art en Jeu exhibition organized by ARTS-CULTURES MASSAWIPPI gave visibility to several artists who had never exhibited their work before. A series of workshops led by the artists themselves extended the fun, opening up windows of learning and perhaps even sparking vocations in drawing, painting or sculpture.

(text by Armande Saint-Jean, Ph.D. Retired journalist)

Dessine-moi une histoire … de Noël makes many happy!

Internationally renowned author and illustrator Pascal Biet was in top form on this snowy Sunday, November 19. As he had done the first time, he gave a performance worthy of his reputation. The 17 children taking part in the activity were blown away!

The workshop master began by getting the young audience – and accompanying adults – into the swing of things with a most incredible story! A short-sighted, winged dinosaur monster named “Broccoli”, with a hairy tail carrying a toothbrush, makes himself a … broccoli salad for dinner. The said broccoli, named “Alberto” and wearing a bowler hat, is in a panic and flees into the forest just in time to avoid being fed to the monster. The story ends with a salad of poisonous mushrooms picked up by mistake in the forest where Alberto is hiding and Broccoli suddenly stricken with a nasty case of indigestion. The children in the audience howl with delight!

Once the room has warmed up and the little ones have had their fill of a delicious snack, Pascal gets down to the business of choosing characters for a Christmas story. Then it’s time to vote, and off we go! “Toad and Toadette”, little tree-dwelling creatures with big noses and ears, meet Coco, a dromedary wearing a Christmas toque in the desert. With everyone sweating from the heat, the friends decide to dig a tunnel to the North Pole to cool off. They soon make the acquaintance of Santa Claus, a polar bear who, in his generosity, invites them to his home to warm up around a fire and a delicious cup of hot chocolate. All’s well that ends well!

Everyone, young and old, left delighted and looking forward to Pascal’s e-mail, which will bring them the stories in two books: one colored by the teacher, the other for coloring.

Carving Workshop: Art at your fingertips… with your hands!

The figurine workshop with Line Fafard lived up to its promise. 

All participants accomplished an artwork they could be proud of.  

Line is a very experienced and generous artist and trainer, who invests herself in a remarkable way. 

She and Jean, her partner, had prepared everything, and that meant a lot of organization, in order to provide participants with fabrics, materials, colors, decorations…

They had set up the space and tables to facilitate creativity. All you had to do was follow the clearly explained steps.

Line and Vicky, her assistant, were always ready to help at the first sign of trouble. In fact, Vicky assisted a participant in English. 

Everyone came away from the day very satisfied with the friendly atmosphere, where laughter and concentration overlapped.

Color Challenge Workshop / Pastel – Unlock the secrets of pastel!

He was feverish and a little worried. It’s just that renowned painter Yvan Dagenais had little or no experience of working with young children. Well, the skeptics were dumbstruck! What natural talent and energy! The children (and their accompanying adults) were delighted with games of creative exploration proposed by the workshop leader.

After a welcome address, a review of pastel works by the teacher on display as examples, and a description of the materials available to each child, including an impressive assortment of coloured sticks, Yvan Dagenais set the tone: the important thing today is to have fun learning to play with pastel colors on different surfaces.

Then began the first part of the program: Musical Pastel. In this part, like playing musical chairs, participants had to put aside the work they’d started, move around the tables to the sound of lively music, and pick up another drawing when the music stopped. Laughter and giggles guaranteed!

In the second part, the teacher transforms himself into a magician and unveils The Magical Leaf before the amazed eyes of the participants. Each participant is asked to choose either a tree leaf or a wire mesh on which to place their drawing paper. The pastel is lightly applied to bring out the texture of the hidden product. And voilà!

After a well-deserved snack, it’s time to try out the SandPaper. Yvan shows the young apprentices the amazing effects of pastel on the coarse black paper. Already comfortable handling the sticks, the children let their imaginations run wild as they drew from the assortment of colors at their disposal. The results are phenomenal, as you can see from the images opposite.

In the final part, we learned how to use Fine Edge Contouring. Using small stencils created by the workshop master, the children enhanced their work with little butterflies, hearts, tree leaves and so on.

All this in an atmosphere of relaxation and fun, where creative and inspiring play entertained the children (and accompanying adults!) and helped them discover the secrets of pastel!

Workshop-Encounter / Wood Carving: A Resounding Success!

On Sunday September 17, some 15 people attended the carving workshop offered by two ARTS-CULTURES MASSAWIPPI artists, Pauline JACQUES and Côme LAMONTAGNE.

In a two-hour encounter marked by camaraderie and complicity Pauline and Côme explained their respective approaches and the techniques that lead one to draw birds from a piece of linden or tupelo, and the other, a landscape, fish and other animals from elk horns.

The meeting gave participants the opportunity to talk with the artists, discover their work in progress, get to grips with their different tools and, above all, learn about their intuitions, their path and their passion for an art they both practice with exceptional mastery

Participants who wished to practice this type of sculpture were encouraged not to be impressed by the precision and mastery of the artists present. Their advice: start with a simple project. There’s no age limit to following your intuition, discovering and realizing your passion. And, above all, to have fun!

A participant’s testimonial: «Bravo for bringing the arts within reach. I’m so grateful for the workshop last Sunday. In fact, it’s amazing to see artists at work… Who knows! Maybe the “artist in me” is starting to wake up?» (Line H., Magog)

The works of Pauline JACQUES and Côme LAMONTAGNE are part of the exhibition L’Art en at the Cie Vilandré Pub on Capelton Road in North Hatley. There’s little time left to admire them. The exhibition closes on Oct. 1.

Text : Armande Saint-Jean, Ph.D., retired journalist

Côme Lamontagne, Pauline Jacques et Armande St-Jean - 17 septembre 2023


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