Pascale Montpetit recounts “Mon voyage en Amérique” (My journey to America)”

The acclaimed show Mon voyage en Amérique

An emotional story with actress Pascale Montpetit – an intimate afternoon in which she recounts a little-known and fascinating aspect of the life of Kim Yaroshevskaya (our national Fanfreluche !)

Date: Date: Sunday, July 28 at 3:30 p.m. at Théâtre Piggery (Mezzanine), North Hatley
Fee :

  • Show only: $45 non-members, 40 members ART-Lié 2024-25

ART-Lié 2024-25 member privileges: 15% discount on accommodation at Auberge La Raveaudière (upon presentation of ticket AND membership card), and at Le Mercantile restaurant, 10% off at Les Appalaches bookstore and on meals at La Chocolatière.

This show was created by Le Festival international de littérature (FIL) and made possible by the generosity of Kim Yaroshevskaya, Pascale Montpetit and Michelle Corbeil from FIL.

Pascale Montpetit –

Actress, singer, cultural columnist, dancer, storyteller, reader, narrator and visual artist, Pascale Montpetit is a multi-talented performer.


Celebrated by critics and peers alike, she has received more than 17 major awards:

Prix Jan-Doat from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Montréal 1982-1985; Prix Génie (winner) – “H”Savage Messiah; Prix Génie (nomination) –Le coeur au poing -Eldorado -The girl in the white coat – Eclipse; Prix Gémeaux Diva; Prix Gémeaux Blanche; Prix Gémeaux (nomination) Histoires de filles; Prix Gémeaux (nomination) Sous un ciel variable; Prix Gémeaux (nomination) Mon meilleur ennemi; Prix Gemini (nomination) The stork derby; 4 Prix Roux-Gascon of the TNM : –Le temps et la chambre -Le malade imaginaire -Les oranges sont vertes – Inespérée.

Audiences have seen her in numerous roles in television, theater and film.

On television, she has appeared in over fifty series, including District 31, where she became Sonia Blanchard, Lorraine Gamache in 30 vies and recently Jacinthe Lebel in Bête noire (season 2).

Her film credits include André Forcier’s Embrasse-moi comme tu m’aimes– Irma St-Germain – and most recently L’Ouragan F.Y.T. -Monique.

She is also an accomplished visual artist, practicing her craft as a painter in parallel with acting, with a remarkable talent for drawing live models.

For a year, she wrote a weekly column (in French) for The Gazette. She was named Artist for Peace in 2010 and spokesperson for World Book and Copyright Day in 2017. In 2021-2022, she co-hosted several episodes of the Radio-Canada radio program Réfléchir à voix haute, hosted by Jean-Philippe Pleau. She has taught at the National Theatre School of Canada and given workshops at the Union nationale des écrivains du Québec. She won the Société de développement des périodiques culturels award in 2022 for Où es-tu? a portrait of Serge Bouchard in L’inconvénient no. 87.